Thursday, May 28, 2009

sYurga ciNta aNd niGht aT thE muSEuM..

taNggaL maY,23..
aku ade la p Tgk waYang fIQriE...
saMpai 2 MviE skaLi kaMi tgK..
muLe2 tEngok criTe..

sat may 23,2009 11.30 a.m"Syurga Cinta" is abOut the love bEtween tWo people with differEnt ideologies, a Muslim boy namEd Irham (Awal Ashaari) who LiVes a verY modern, WesTern Lifestyle, and a Muslim girl nAmed SyuhadaH (Heliza AF5) who faithfully follows the teacHings of Islam in our mOdErn sociEty. When their tWo worldS collide, they face issues and confrontations that both of them hAvE yet to lEarn and understand from each swEET...aNd hadziq yaNg cuTE laGi comEL...hadziQ dia mmg sLalu buaT oRang yaNg tEngok cRite tu gElaK...
sEsuai saNgat la Kalo bUdak2 pon naK tEngoK crIte niE..cuMe yaNg first2 tU je kaSi tutUp aNk2 puNye maTa seBab saNgat taK sesUai uNtuk budaK2!!!

aNd cRitE kE 2 kaMi tEngOk

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 sat may 23,2009 01.35 p.m
Ben Stiller retuRns to the rolE of the unfortunate night watchman, Larry Daley who coNtinUEs to encountEr the livIng and brEathiNg musEum exhiBits. This advEnture takEs the action to Washington D.C., whEre things at the Smithsonian aren't quite as quiet as one might thInk.

huRm..komEn aku unTuk criTe niE..
bEsT saNgaT..taPi niGht at thE museUm 1 laGi bEst koT..
aKU haRap sanGat ade laGi nigHt at thE muSeum 3 paS niE..
ok laH caU ciN caU...

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